Simplrflex is also committed to hiring 100 military spouses through VirtForce

VirtForce is excited to partner up with Simplrflex, an innovative company in the customer service industry. The company is unique because they do not review resumes or conduct traditional interviews.

Simplrflex’s recruiting and screening process focuses on allowing applicants to showcase their skills and potential by providing responses to sample customer service inquiries. SimplrFlex believes in empowering their Experts. 

SimplrFlex prioritizes OCONUS military spouses because they understand the difficulty of job and career opportunities while abroad. Simplrflex is also committed to hiring 100 military spouses through VirtForce! 

When they are looking at candidate responses, they are primarily looking for an Expert who has:

  • Connection and empathy: customers want to feel heard, understood, and valued
  • Drive and passion: we want Experts who strive to provide world-class customer service and aren’t afraid to do a little work to deliver precisely that
  • Problem-solving skills: a great Expert can fill in the gaps when our platform doesn’t have the perfect response to send a customer

Adam Grace, Senior Manager of SimplrFlex, wrote “advancements in the customer service industry have made it easy, in most cases, to provide a customer with a correct answer using nothing but a bot. But a bot isn’t great at the skills above… building a meaningful relationship with a customer. That’s where our Experts come in. They take answers provided by our advanced artificial intelligence and give them the human element.”

“That’s why military spouses make fantastic experts for so many reasons, including their ability to deal with uncertainty and adversity. They’re great at building connections with others and solving problems.”

“We’re committed to military spouses because of their commitment to serving our nation. We know it can be hard for military spouses to find earning opportunities that work with their lifestyles, and we’re proud to help fill that gap.”

Adam knows that folks are sometimes apprehensive about working as an independent contractor for a variety of reasons:  

  • they’ve never done it before
  • they’re concerned about benefits, retirement, or taxes
  • similar companies have earned a reputation for treating their contractors poorly

But he explains that Simplrflex is different because they offer Experts:

  • the ability to work when they want, where they want, as much as they want
  • extremely fair compensation
  • the ability to purchase benefits, save for retirement, and prepare for their taxes through our unique partnership
  • 24/7/365 live support
  • weekly payments directly to your PayPal account
  • no application fees, monthly fees, or special equipment/software
  • fun, engaging, and varied work that grows with you as you grow

 Our team at VirtForce is excited to team up with Simplrflex, because we know that they genuinely care about their Experts and want military spouses to succeed.

If you’d like to benefit from VirtForce’s relationship with SimplrFlex, please apply through VirtForce and do not apply to the company’s website. We cannot help you if you apply through the company directly. VirtForcce has a unique relationship with SimplrFlex designed to benefit you and expedite your application process. 

Interested in working with Simplrflex? Apply here now!