Why Getting A Mentor is Important?

by Khinna Kaminske
Job hunting blues, we recommend getting a mentor. How? We’ve had the opportunity to chat with American Corporate Partners twice this year. And both times, Laura Kuhn, provided us great details to share with the VirtForce Family.

Why Should You Consider a Mentor? 

If you’re looking for an advocate for your career, mentors can be there for you regardless of location. Mentors can also help you navigate your professional life as you navigate military life. Since 2008, ACP’s mentorship program has offered career counseling, mentoring and networking opportunities to post 9/11 transitioning service members. Now in 2019, they will be offering these same services to a limited number of active duty military spouses! Laura also added that you can work with your mentor to specify that you’re looking for advice on virtual and remote employment. So, the mentorship program is very VirtForce friendly.

How You Can Get a Mentor with ACP

ACP’s Spouse Protégés receive FREE personalized guidance related to topics like career exploration, résumé review, interview preparation, networking, career coaching, entrepreneurship, and overall professional development. Their program has a proven track record, having assisted more than 13,500 veterans navigate private sector careers. More than 14,000 veterans and active duty spouses are currently being mentored across the nation (and overseas). In addition to your Mentor, you’ll have an ACP point of contact to support yours over the course of the entire year.

If you want to pursue a mentorship with ACP, you need to visit their site, learn more and apply. The Protégé Program is a yearlong, customized one-on-one mentorship! Needless to say, it will take some commitment on your end as well.

Be sure to list VirtForce as your referral source! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to ACP’s Spouse Program Manager Laura Kuhn.