personal brand

What the heck is a personal brand and why do I need one?

I think it’s safe to say, that the struggle in finding a job nowadays is figuring out a way to stand out online. You used to go into a place with your resume to fill out an application. Despite only being in there for a brief few minutes, it was your chance to make an impression. Now you’re having to make an impression through a computer. So, how do you do that? In the webinar “How to Never Fill out Another Job Application Again and Still Get the Job” you learn all about your personal brand and the easy steps it takes to create yours.

First, we hear about what a personal brand is. In short, it’s how you present yourself. It’s taking all your skills, and shaping them into an image to make yourself marketable to an employer. The goal of your personal brand is to make yourself stand out; to make yourself desirable. By making yourself desirable, you make employers (recruiters specifically) come to you. And when this starts happening, you no longer find yourself filling out job applications!

There are six steps to successfully create your own personal brand, which are reviewed in depth in the webinar. The best part about this is that you will learn to embrace your role as a Milspouse, instead of fearing it. If you’re anything like me, sometimes maybe you’re afraid to admit that aspect of your life to an employer because we have all heard the stories of how companies can be less likely to hire you for it. This will teach ways to work the skills you’ve learned as a Milspouse in a positive light. For example, I’ll share my favorite one with y’all; in your experience as a Milspouse you have become adaptable. The word adaptable is defined as “able to adjust to new conditions.” Let’s keep it real here, moving to a new place is adjusting to new conditions in itself, then add the adjustment to your spouse’s work schedule, trainings, etc. You earned this skill by simply living the typical military life, but use it to your advantage!

This is just a small sneak peak of the information you will gain from this webinar. You will also learn ways to vamp up your LinkedIn account, which is where recruiters will find you. So, if you haven’t checked out this webinar yet, what are you waiting for?!

By: Chelsey Heard