TCDI Milspouses and IT

TCDI Says Active Duty Military Spouses Have a Knack For Information Security

Have you heard? Active Duty Military Spouses are uniquely prepared to work in information security. 

VirtForce recently met with Caragh Landry, the President of Legal Services with TCDI, to learn more about their Military Spouse Manage Review Program. TCDI’s primary clients outsource legal document review to their organization. Document review in a nutshell is reviewing documents to gather facts for a legal case. In the past this was done by attorneys or paralegals in office, but has changed since TCDI made secure document review a virtual tool.

Because of the legal nature of this service, TCDI needs to employ team members that understand information security and network security. Mrs. Landry observed, “You know something we found – that we didn’t expect to find – is that Military Spouses are inherently better at understanding security and how it applies to this job function. That’s something you can’t teach.” Perhaps it’s the familiarity with OPSEC (operational security) that we learn when our spouses serve.

Landry further explains that TCDI has seen high levels of commitment, engagement, and a wide variety of talent within the VirtForce Military Spouses they’ve hired. Their venture into the Military Spouse hiring pool was a happy accident. So much so, that they now offer Military Spouses Preference to all of their positions, and all positions are now offered virtually. They hire candidates from the administrative level all the way to candidates with PH.D’s. And guess what VirtForce? TCDI has already hired roughly 15 people from VirtForce, so keep your eyes open for future positions being offered!

TCDI went virtual because they realized that to best serve their clients they would be limiting themselves to the right candidates by only hiring in the surrounding area of their office. So, they innovated. They developed a secure system that would ensure their client’s protection and privacy when dealing with legal information virtually. They’ve since launch Military Spouse Managed Review and intend to continue hiring from this under utilized candidate pool.

By: Chelsey Heard