Success Story – Meghan Hunyh, Remote Nurse

Meghan Huynh found herself contemplating going back to work about year after having her first child. As a nurse with an actively deployed husband, she wanted something with better hours so that she would be able to spend time with her son and not have to work nights. This is when she found VirtForce!

Meghan’s Story

Before her new job, Meghan was a pediatric and adult trauma nurse, but took a year off to raise her son. In early November, she found a listing posted on VirtForce for a remote nursing position. After a lengthy application and interview process, Meghan is now a remote nurse for an insurance company. She monitors member health and progress as a Care Coordinator. She says she is really enjoying herself, works great hours that accommodate her routine while her husband is deployed, and is 100% remote!

Meghan’s Tactic

We asked Meghan to share her secret to acquiring a much coveted remote healthcare position. Her advice is to only apply for positions with organizations whose core values match your own. When your values align with those of the organization, you will express enthusiasm and zeal for the position. Meghan also explained how finding an employer who valued family life helped her overcome the one year employment gap on her resume, “I had a year off which I explained in my cover letter and interview and they [the employer] were all about it since the company is very family oriented. This is something that I found out when researching the company’s values before applying. They saw it [time off for parenting] as a positive when I thought it would hinder me getting a job. So definitely don’t ignore core values.”

More About Meghan

Meghan went to college at Texas Tech and then transferred to the University of Maryland-Baltimore for nursing school where she got her BSN. She also has a background in coding, which definitely helps with the computer aspect of working from home. Her hobbies include hiking, baking, and hanging out with her pugs and son.

If you would like to connect with her, you can find her on LinkedIn .