Success Story – Diane Reece, Customer Service Expert

Diana Reece, an Air Force veteran and mother of 3, was motivated to find a virtual job so that she could maintain her home while earning extra money for their oldest child to go to college. Brianna joined VirtForce in the Summer of 2018 and applied for the Customer Service position posted on VirtForce’s Facebook platform.

We asked Diana what her best advice is to VirtForce members seeking virtual work. She had three things to share:

“(1) Know what opportunities are out there. Everyone is not cut out for virtual customer service jobs and virtual work is not just customer service. Do what you love and enjoy it, because life on earth is short compared to eternity.

2) Know that working from home is something you really want to do, this virtual/remote work life is not for the faint of heart. It can get lonely at times, not just the searches, but also once you get the job. Intentionality shouldn’t stop once you get your job.

(3) Stay encouraged on the search! Your job is out there!”

You can connect with Diane on LinkedIn.