Success Story – Brianna Vachon, Research Analyst

Before accepting her virtual position as a Research Analyst, Brianna was taking on a lot of unpaid internships after finishing her Master’s degree in Library and Information Science. She wanted to stay current in the workforce, but with the added challenges of her Service Member’s frequent relocation, limited area job opportunities, and childcare costs — it didn’t seem logistically ideal for her.

Brianna joined VirtForce in the Summer of 2018 and applied for the Research Analyst position promoted in VirtForce’s live video in February 2019. Brianna submitted her VirtForce pre-screening questionnaire, sent in her resume and cover letter and was contacted for an interview shortly after by her new employer. She’s very excited about her new position!

“I really like that I can work flexible hours and do my job from anywhere, so it can move with me. I also love that it makes childcare less of an issue for us,” Brianna shared.

We asked Brianna what her best advice is to VirtForce members seeking virtual work. Here’s what she had to say, “Don’t be discouraged. It can be tricky finding the right position that offers virtual work, but more places are starting to embrace it.Keep an open mind. The job you may think you want the least could turn out to be the most perfect for you. I highly recommend a strong cover letter explaining why you’re suited to virtual work and highlight your strengths that make you the right candidate. Lastly, use your networks! VirtForce posts opportunities frequently and it definitely makes it easier than trying to weed through the job listings yourself.”

In Brianna’s spare time, you can catch her reading, writing, and traveling.

If you’d like to connect with Brianna, she’s on LinkedIn!