Steps to Finding a Remote Job

by Becky Blamires

So, you’ve looked at your options and decided that working remotely is the best fit for you BUT where do you begin?

First, you’ve already made an excellent start by joining us at Virtforce.

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But there are some further steps you can take on your career search:

Review your current situation

If you are currently in employment, could your job be done remotely? Do you even need to leave? More and more companies are recognizing the benefits of retaining good staff and understanding that all employees need to be based at the same location. If you feel that you could continue in your role but be based at home, talk to your employer and put forward a proposal!

Update your resume

It is always useful to get a second opinion on your resume to make sure you are promoting yourself in the most positive way and haven’t missed anything out. There are several places that can help milspouses including our own Career Coaches and organizations such as HireHeroesUSA Hiring Our Heros and CASY.

Fill out a profile

There are several militaries companies that cater to hiring military spouses that should be taken advantage of because these organizations understand the needs of military spouses (and veterans) looking for work.

We encourage you to look at how these resources can help you:


Who do you know and who do they know? Use your contacts to spread the word that you are available and actively seeking new opportunities. Use social media, message previous work colleagues, join networking groups and post questions.


Update your profile to show that you are seeking a remote position and use the job search features to look for positions. Search for and join groups related to your goals.

Job Boards

There are many job boards advertising job opportunities such as Glassdoor.

The biggest all-encompassing boards are Indeed, Monster and Flexjobs.

Use the filter in each job board and use phrases like “remote”, “remotely”, “work from home”, “WFH”, “home-based”, “telecommute”, “telecommuting” and “virtual” to search.

More specialized boards specifically for remote work include and but there are others as well


Find out which companies employ remote employees and follow them on social media. Flexjobs lists 100 top companies with remote jobs. shares tips on working with leading remote companies and virtual teams and answer your top questions about remote work.

Photo by Xan Griffin on Unsplash

Watch out for scams

Unfortunately, there are some opportunities advertised that aren’t as they seem. Be wary of recruiters that ask about personal financial details or use poor punctuation and/or grammar in correspondence and be careful of opportunities that seem too good to be true, they probably are.

You can check out a company’s reputation and information using Glassdoor, LinkedIn and on the larger job boards.

If in doubt, ask a question on our FB page – there’s always someone here willing and able to help and support you on your quest!

You can read our detailed article on how to check a job for legitimacy to help you decide if your job is legit.

And the last step, take a breath!

Finding a remote and virtual job takes patience and time. If it gets too difficult and frustrating, stop and take a breather for a moment and reset.

You can do HARD things, and we at VirtForce can help you. Email us at with any concerns and frustrations and we’ll try to do our best to help and point you the right way.



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