SNEAK PEEK: Duty Station Download – End of Year Holidays 2022

Show Notes | December 19, 2022 | Duty Station Download

This is an exclusive sneak peek to my new show Duty Station Download where I help you discover all of the best things your new duty station has to offer. 

In this episode, I’ve put together a compilation of the best winter activities at a variety of different bases across the US.

We’re bundling up for winter fun in Colorado Springs, West Point and Washington DC, and discovering how to spend the holidays in sunny San Antonio and on the beaches of South Carolina.

Plus, find out which overseas location turns into a Christmas fantasyland each holiday season.

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 So, what’s the Duty Station Download? A new video show where I give you the 411 on all the best things your new duty station has to offer!  

Each week, I’ll sit down with someone who has actually been stationed at that base, and find out everything you need to know, ranging from great places to live to where you can find the best slice of pizza. Look for it in your inbox soon!