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What does US Vet Life look for in a virtual candidate? What about a candidate’s resume really sets it above and apart for you?

We look for attention to detail, work ethic, coachability, and dedication to results. We also love candidates willing to step outside their comfort zones to begin important conversations with complete strangers. To do this properly, a candidate must be adaptive, coachable, likeable, and meticulous.

What does US Vet Life value about Milspouse employees, specifically? Why the commitment to working with Milspouses?

We love military spouses for a number of reasons:

  1. They understand the need for our services. Too often, military spouses are left in charge of the finances of their households while their service member spouses are off on deployment. They are stuck with imperfect information on which to base the decisions that will affect the welfare of their households. 
  2. Military spouses are uniquely adaptable, incredibly strong, endearing, and very likeable. Service members are the cream of the crop of our society and can take their pick when choosing a partner for life. To win the heart of one, a spouse must be something incredibly special. 
  3. We also believe that military spouses are the unsung heroes of our country. They ensure that their service member spouses have a home to return to after deployment. They develop roots in their communities. They have to show creativity, adaptability, and responsibility far beyond what is asked of most people in our society. Their herculean efforts are by-and-large ignored by our society. We understand that and celebrate their unsung heroism every day at US Vet Life.

What do you want our community to know about your organization? If you had to put it in a nutshell.

We provide the very best for our service members in terms of financial Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace. We ensure that our clients are as well versed and well prepared to take advantage of the benefits afforded to them by your tax dollars. It is our mission to change the paradigm of veterans from a transitioning community in need to a flourishing society of millionaires ready and eager to embrace their lives’ next adventures.

Do you have any words of wisdom or advice for our job seekers?

Stay hungry. Stay humble. Take ownership of your job search. Stay coachable and grateful. The two most important assets in this fast-paced business world are a person’s reputation and a person’s network. A truly successful person is always working to improve both.

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