Mission Staffing

Mission Staffing

Experts, Ready to Deploy in as little as 24 hours.


                                    starting at$1,850 /Per Month*

Staffing Roles We Support:

Direct Hire

                                    starting at$4,500 /one time fee*

Direct Hire Roles We Support:

VirtForce can support most Direct Hire needs from Executive to Entry Level and 1 hire to 1,000 hires. Please contact us to discuss past performance.

Acquire Rank and Give Back with Operation Success

Operation Success rewards both Employment Partners and Military Candidates for collaborating in our network. This program provides every candidate hired through VirtForce a signing bonus and invests into VirtForce’s free career education.

The candidate bonus is funded through a $500 success fee paid to VirtForce by the Employment Partner at the 30-day employment mark and annually thereafter for three years. For every success fee issued, employers earn rank via our digital badge system, which verifies you as a military employer and can be displayed on your website. Terms and conditions apply.