5. Live Q&A With Career Coach Kristen Earp

Show Notes | October 22, 2019 | Episode 005

Just Start. Start Messy. Start Ugly. Just Start.

In this episode of the VirtForce Podcast, personal development coach and military spouse Kristen Earp and host Kimber take questions live from the VirtForce community. Topics include reentering the workforce, getting résumé ready, creating a flexible career plan, and avoiding getting discouraged while job hunting.

Kristen also asks listeners to consider what values they can’t live without in a job and how you can find alignment through understanding those values.

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Kristen Earp goes by many titles. These include seasoned consultant, certified leadership and development coach, and like many of us in the VirtForce community: military spouse. Kristen is a virtual career veteran, having worked virtually for over ten years.

Through her experience as both a working professional and a military spouse, Kristen has learned the importance of being able to identify what values you cannot live without in a job. For Kristen, these are service, connection, and growth. Her passion for training, consulting, and coaching combined with these values drives her to succeed in her role as personal development coach.

Kristen, along with VirtForce founder and show host Kimber tackle questions from the VirtForce community, such as “How do I reenter the workforce?” “How do we find alignment with our values?” and what career happiness really means.

This episode will give you the tools to needed to start building your network and developing meaningful connections. You will learn how to dust off your résumé, get pointers on interview techniques, and get access to a long list of resources to help you connect with your community.

Most importantly, Kristen wants to help you find clarity around what it is you want out of a job. Are you looking for a job to help you gain a new skill or are you looking for a job to move you forward on a career path? Clarity is something that evolves with time and as you grow, but it is something that can lead you to career happiness. You need to know your values and know where you want to take your next step.

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Remember this when you feel overwhelmed in your job search: Just start. Start messy. Start ugly. Just start.



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