1. Introducing the VirtForce Podcast

Show Notes | Episode 001 | October 3, 2019

In this episode, we discuss what VirtForce is and how we can help you.

This podcast is for EVERYONE. Every listener is welcomed here. Our content and information is beneficial to military spouses or anyone affiliated with the military community.

Whether you are employed, not employed, currently looking or on a career transition, we hope that our podcast helps you on your career journey.

Our podcast also helps business owners who are interested in the strategic advantages of remote team members and how they can help their bottom line.

What does VirtForce do?

We search for employers who hire virtual team members. We vet the jobs they are offering and bring you legit work from home positions. 

We share these jobs on our membership only Job Board, we also email them to you and live stream announcements about them to our Facebook and Youtube channels. 

We spend a lot of time creating just in time education and coaching about working remotely and the career search. So you might find the information you need in our Master Classes or video courses.

We provide resources like the Active Search Program which gives you access to monthly group coaching too!

Finally, we provide our free Podcast which gives you access to interviews from dozens of Military Influencers and Military Friendly Employers. This information will help inspire and guide you on your virtual career journey.



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