#HIRED Success Story – Keyla Correa, Aira

We are excited to share and feature Keyla Correa’s VirtForce Success story. Keyla joined the VirtForce group a little more than a month ago. When she heard about our Opportunity Alert to assist and help Aira Explorers with state-of-the-art technology, she applied as an Agent in June.

We loved that she shared the news with the VirtForce community when she got the job! Prior to getting her virtual position with Aira, Keyla was working as a laboratory technician. When she had to PCS, there wasn’t family around to help her with childcare so she worked outside of the home to maintain her family’s financial well-being. Keyla was extremely grateful when she saw and heard the announcement on VirtForce.

We asked Keyla, “What advice would you give those searching and looking for virtual work? ” Her response was, “Write a good heartfelt cover letter that describes who you are and your passion to help others.”

When Keyla isn’t working, she loves to read, hike and be on the beach. Thanks, Keyla, for sharing your experience with us. If you want to connect with Keyla, you can find her in our Facebook community

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