18. Discover Your Purpose with Brian Mohr

Show Notes | February 20, 2020 | Episode 020

Discover Your Purpose / Igniting your Purpose 
VirtForce founder Kimber and Brian Mohr, Operations Manager at Yelp and Life Coach, sit down to talk about igniting our purpose. Discovering your purpose is finding the one thing you can do excitingly, the gift no one else can do or take away from you. It’s fine to not know your purpose, you can start with your vision. Make it a goal. Start ugly and just do it because finding our purpose is all about inspiration and action. 

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Often times, we put ourselves in a box by placing a limit on what we are capable of doing, based on our beliefs (or lack thereof). 

The best way to discover your purpose starts with the belief that you can do it! Kimber and Brian Mohr, Operations Manager at Yelp and Life Coach sit down to discuss igniting your purpose and what you can do right now to get you on the right path of discovering your purpose. 

Recently, Brian Mohr expressed that he envisioned being a life coach in 2005 but didn’t live in the moment that would allow him to take advantage of pursuing his purpose. Although he didn’t take advantage of the moment, he always knew he would be helping people discover their greatness. This really inspired him to take baby steps to find the path of his purpose. When you think about a goal or a vision for your life, do you feel like it aligns with your purpose in life? Do you know what your purpose is? If not, that’s not a problem because this episode is just for you. Kimber and Brian Mohr talk about living in the moment and what steps you can take to find your purpose. 

Think about a time when you felt like, “Wow, I really am good at this.” Can you name something you’re really good at? If so, you just might be on the path of discovering your purpose simply because discovering that purpose requires us to own our gifts. Many of us struggle to say, “I’m really good at this,” because we take our talents for granted and don’t realize the superpower that’s within us. 

If you are ready to ignite your purpose and tap into your inner strength you need to download this episode to listen to all of the gems that Brian Mohr shares with us. 







One response to “18. Discover Your Purpose with Brian Mohr”

  1. Stephanie Blair Avatar
    Stephanie Blair

    This is an incredible episode. At times heart wrenching home hitting commentary, others enlightening and inspiring insight. Sometimes hearing someone else say what is in your heart brings upon well needed clarity.
    Thank you for that!