10. “You are what you speak” with Mark England

Show Notes | December 12, 2019 | Episode 011

You Are What You Speak 

We all struggle with self-doubt. This week’s episode provides us with the tools and resources needed on how we can reprogram our mind to have architect vocabulary instead of conflict vocabulary. We have all been in a situation where we have talked ourselves out of an opportunity or have experienced self sabotage. TEDx speaker Mark England discusses procabulary and the impact it can have on us when we take away conflict words and replace them with architect words instead. 

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Finding the right way to verbalize our emotions and feelings can be tricky, often leaving us to feel as if we simply can’t find the words we need in order to say something so simple. 

Our vocabulary is such a big part of who we are and has a big impact on how we view our life and what’s happening around us. So much so, that we are what we speak. What if I told you there was a way that we can change our vocabulary to help us change our mindset?

In today’s episode, that is exactly what we are talking about. We discuss conflict vs. architect vocabulary, the kind of impact those words have on our daily life, and most importantly how we can change our vocabulary to Procabulary.

VirtForce had the amazing opportunity to shine this week’s spotlight on Mark England. Podcast host Kimber sat down with Mark to discuss procabulary and how we can transform our mindset to talk like a professional. Mark is a TEDx speaker, with a background of business and international education where he uses his skills to help others. He has professionally coached thousands and transforming the lives of so many with the strategy he uses in his courses.

As we get ready to close out this year, this decade, listen closely as Mark shares a few gems with our VirtForce community. We want you to use these gems and apply them to your goals for 2020. May they be big or small, there is no right or wrong. Change your perspective on how you view your life, by changing the way you talk to yourself. We want you to use your words to not only influence yourself but those who are around you.

Our challenge for you, at the end of this episode, is to start thinking about your goals for 2020. Ensure that your goals are reflecting architect vocabulary, using words of affirmation that make you feel happy. Remember, we’re working on building ourselves up. If making a goal for the entire year makes you anxious try making small monthly goals. Once you’ve been able to accomplish your monthly goals, start thinking of expanding your timelines and thinking of different ways to achieve your aspirations.

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