7. LinkedIn Hot Tips from Jaime Chapman

Show Notes | November 14, 2019 | Episode 008

LinkedIn: Engage, Engage, Engage

In this Do’s and Don’ts episode, Kimber talks with LinkedIn evangelist and military spouse Jaime Chapman about how to set yourself up with a killer LinkedIn profile. Not only do you have to make sure you have great photos (that’s right, photos, plural) and content, but you also have to make sure you are engaging with the community. It’s not enough to make your profile and leave it. You have to be active, current, and engaged.

Jaime walks us through her top three tips for LinkedIn. With over 3,500 hours of experience in the military community, Jaime is an incredible resource for the VirtForce family. 

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So what’s the big deal with LinkedIn? Do I need to be that active? Is it enough to just make my profile and let people come to me?

If you are asking yourself questions like this, this is the episode for you. Military spouse, Army veteran, and LinkedIn evangelist Jaime Chapman shares her tips and tricks for standing out among the crowd and outsmarting the algorithms. As a military spouse employment advocate, Jaime has helped over 1,000 veterans and has advocated for over 10,000 military spouses in the Military Spouse Advocacy Network.

Jaime is a VirtForce vetted career coach and we are thrilled to continue to grow our relationship with her.

According to Jaime, we should start thinking about LinkedIn as our living, breathing personal websites. We would never put the time and energy into building a beautiful website and then never think about someone looking at it! No, we would want to drive traffic, post updates, interact with viewers, and make sure we were presenting ourselves in the best way possible.

In this episode, Jaime shares her top three tips (really six tips) to turn your LinkedIn profile around. Above all else, she says you have to, “engage, engage, engage.” Whether you are liking other people’s posts, sharing content, commenting, or writing your own posts, engagement is key. 

Jaime and Kimber cover everything from headshots (spoiler alert: all you need is a friend and a phone with Portrait mode) to bullet versus block formatting. If you are using LinkedIn, you need to listen to this episode. These tips could be the difference between a hiring manager stopping on your profile and someone clicking through without giving you a second thought.

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