3. Working Boldly with Audrey Fairbrother

How MilSpouses Can Take A Step into Remote Work

Show Notes | October 17, 2019 | Episode 004

In this episode of the VirtForce Podcast, we discuss how BOLD it is for Military Spouses to work from home.

We explore the company Boldly through the eyes of their Marketing Manager and former Military Spouse, Audrey Fairbrother.

Audrey discusses WHY Boldly loves hiring Military Spouses for virtual jobs. She also reveals some of the positions they are currently looking for: Paralegal, Project Manager, Executive Assistant, Accountant, and Paralegal. 

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Image from Boldly.com

Have you ever been in the position where you don’t know what might happen next? Do you feel like there is one foot planted and one ready to take a leap as far as life plans go? Are you a milspouse who wants to sustain their career? Audrey Fairbrother, Marketing Director of Boldy and former milspouse, understands theses questions very well and wants military spouses to be BOLD and bring work-life balance into your life by working remotely. 

“Everyone can benefit from remote work. It just allows for a better work-life balance. It gives you that extra time with your family. Everyone has important priorities going on, so I think remote work helps even all out,” said Audrey.

Audrey has been working for Boldy for more than five years and has been able to sustain her career with them through multiple military moves and transitions. If you haven’t heard of Boldy, they are a 100% remote premium business staffing company that provides executives a highly-skilled remote staff to help represent their business and carry out responsible tasks. 

Boldly currently provides its clients with a staff of executive assistants, marketing/social media experts, project managers, accountants, and paralegals. Boldly is also made up of several military spouses. They have a dedicated milspouse page

“Military spouses make some of our best candidates. They are naturally adaptable, which is great for this type of position with different clients and industries. They are resourceful and independent. Military spouses have amazing soft skills, “ said Audrey. 

If you have over 7 years of experience as an executive assistant, marketing/social media experts, project managers, accountants, or paralegals – Boldy is looking for you. If you don’t have the required 7 years of experience, don’t get discouraged.

Audrey recommends spouses to play up their experiences such as volunteer work, internships, part-time jobs, and side hustles. These experiences cumulatively add up and you are developing soft skills and it is relative to include. Anything that has brought you professional experience.”

Boldly has been a strategic partner with Virtforce for almost a year! We hope you learned a little more about Boldy and how they contribute to the remote and virtual workspace. Don’t forget to catch the full podcast episode with Audrey from Boldly.



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