2. Launching a Career in IT When You Do Not Have A Degree

A conversation with Salesforce Experts Mike Wheeler and Brooke Bracy

Show Notes | October 10, 2019 | Episode 003

In this episode of the VirtForce Podcast, Kimber talks with Mike Wheeler of Mike Wheeler Media and Brook Bracy, Certified Salesforce Administrator and Bilingual Hiring Expert, on how Salesforce can impact the careers of virtual job seekers. 

We EXPLORE how Vetforce, an online military community for the Salesforce platform, can catapult military spouses into a virtual career.  

The panel discusses WHY learning about Salesforce can help those without college degrees work in the tech industry. They share how you can future-proof your skillset in a career and gain more relevancy.  

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Blog Post about this week’s episode

Are you a Military Spouse that hasn’t finished your degree? Are you a Military Spouse who wants to gain job experience while working on a degree? Do you have a graduate degree, but still having a hard time finding a job? Would you like to break into the tech industry?  

We had the opportunity to talk to Mike Wheeler of Mike Wheeler Media and Brook Bracy, Certified Salesforce Administrator and Bilingual Hiring Expert, on how Salesforce can help military spouses catapult their careers. 

First, what is Salesforce? 

Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CMS) software that helps companies and customers combine into one integrated platform. The web platform helps a companies’ departments such as marketing, sales, commerce, and services combine into one platform online (also known as the cloud).  

“Why Salesforce matters in terms of a virtual career? There is an extreme shortage of Salesforce talent and Salesforce professionals? So, the supply versus demand equation is in your favor, “ said Mike Wheeler. 

You saw the words “cloud” “computing” and “software” and want to run. Keep reading. You do not need to learn to code or understand development to work on the Salesforce platform. Salesforce has created an educational community for the military community called VetForce that teaches participants how to use the platform by earning badges and a unique gamification process.   

“Learning about Salesforce has given me more job security. It’s made me more hopeful about my career progress. Vetforce gives the military community an opportunity to earn certifications that can cost hundreds to a thousand dollars,” said Brooke Bracy. 

The military community can join the Vetforce platform for absolutely FREE and earn industry certifications for FREE while launching a career at the same time. Salesforce provides job security for those who do not have a college degree. The skills are in high demand and can provide a sustainable and an increase in salary in the long term.  

We encourage our readers to listen to the full conversation with our panel of Salesforce experts. They discuss WHY learning about Salesforce can future-proof your earning potential. You won’t want to miss out on the additional tips that Mike and Brook provides.