Checking A Job Offer For Legitimacy

By Krista Kane

So you found the PERFECT  job, how can you tell if it’s legitimate before applying or providing your personal information?

If the position was received via ?email  ✔️ check for these key signs of phishing:

1.   There are spelling and grammatical errors, weird spacing and the feeling that the email is haphazard and unprofessional throughout the email

2.    You are asked to go to a website from the email or asked to respond to a different email than the original sender

3.    The email was unsolicited.  You did not sign up for any type of position notification (and the email states you’ve applied for the position even though you didn’t)

4.     The position, pay, and schedule is seriously amazing ($30 an hour to draft memos and check calendar notes from Mon-Fri 8 am-4 pm)

If you are mentally checking these bullet points on a recent offer: RED FLAG ALERT! 

It’s time to be more cautious. Let’s run through a few more steps to research the offer.  

Photo by Agence Olloweb on Unsplash

Do not follow any links with a questionable posting or email without a quick google search for the following:

1.    Is there a company listed on the posting? Do they have a website? Is it professional?

2.     Is the physical address of the company the same as any information given in your email?

3.    Look at the company’s career page. Is the position listed?

4.    Search the name of the individual who contacted you. Is there a LinkedIn page or a listing in a company directory that shows their involvement with the company? 

5.     If you want to get deep into your research, try to find an email address within the company. Sometimes there will be generic contact emails.  Does the generic email look like the email you received?

  • info@wearelegit .com vs wearelegit@gmail. com are two very different emails!

Use the search function on VirtForce’s Facebook! Our members are constantly discussing opportunities and experiences with various companies. This will help determine the legitimacy and assist you in preparing for interviews or understanding the application process. 

Check Glassdoor! This is another great tool for learning about companies, positions and pay. There is helpful information from previous and current employees who provide application and interview experiences. This can help you as the job seeker learn how to prepare for the job interview, understand culture fit, and see if the company is reputable. 

 If you’re not convinced or have not discovered enough information to answer your concerns, chances are high that the perfect position isn’t so perfect after all. 

Remember: If it’s too good to be true, it’s likely that it’s a scam.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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