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Do I Need A Cover Letter or Not?

by Quiana Eastland & Krista Kane Most of us have a love-hate relationship with Cover Letters. They force you to be vulnerable and can be very intimidating. How many times have you heard cover letters aren’t required? Or have you seen that a cover letter must be submitted to be considered for this position? If …

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Steps to Finding a Remote Job

by Becky Blamires So, you’ve looked at your options and decided that working remotely is the best fit for you BUT where do you begin? First, you’ve already made an excellent start by joining us at Virtforce. Here are some other ways that VirtForce can help you: ·  Subscribe to the monthly newsletter for useful …

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Why Getting A Mentor is Important?

by Khinna Kaminske Job hunting blues, we recommend getting a mentor. How? We’ve had the opportunity to chat with American Corporate Partners twice this year. And both times, Laura Kuhn, provided us great details to share with the VirtForce Family. Why Should You Consider a Mentor?  If you’re looking for an advocate for your career, mentors can be there …

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Here’s why I Love Idealist

Raise your hand if your resume has more volunteer experience than professional working experience.  As military spouses, a great deal of our efforts are voluntary or philanthropic in nature, more so than the average population.  This can be linked to a number of reasons – our 20-25% unemployment rate and nearly 40% underemployment rate gives …

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