BONUS: Afghanistan Withdrawal Prompts Mental & Emotional Health Check

Show Notes | September 2, 2021 | BONUS Episode

Each day, 22 veterans lose their battle with post traumatic stress right here on American soil. The recent withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan could elevate the risk of self-inflicted death rates of our service members and veterans. 

Retired Army Lt. Col. Olivia Nunn, and host of The Soldier for Life Podcast, reminds us why we need to check-in on the emotional and mental health of our service members, friends and loved ones during this difficult time.  

Olivia offers a unique perspective having recently retired from the US Army, a career that spanned 20 years and took her to The Pentagon, Fort Hood, Texas and West Point, as well as three tours to Iraq.  

Tune in to hear her thoughts on what the American military is struggling with right now, and how you can help change #22ADAY.

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