97. #Hired: Never Miss a Job File

Show Notes | March 29, 2021 | Episode 97

This episode is sponsored by our military spouse employment partner Stay at Home Profit.  

After moving from South Africa to the United States as a military spouse, Anicia Myers wanted to explore remote career options. 

An experienced teacher with a post graduate certificate in education, Anicia was looking to pivot her career with a job that would move around the country with her.  

As she was looking for help with her remote job search, Anicia came across VirtForce on Facebook.

She clicked on it and has not missed a Tuesday Job Board post since.

“VirtForce is the only thing that helped,” Anicia says.

She watched the Resume Boot Camp videos, and the questions and answers members would post on the Facebook group helped her a great deal.

VirtForce nudged Anicia in the right direction when it came to her remote job search.

After a month of looking, Anicia landed a full-time remote customer service job with Instant Teams.      

Anicia is very happy in her new role. It is helping her learn and gain experience in a different field. She enjoys the fact that she is helping people on a daily basis.

“Knowing that I am helping people makes me feel like I have accomplished something,” she says.

Anicia is giving her new job her all, and hopes it will open new doors for her career.

For those who are still looking for remote work, Anicia advises them to take advantage of all the resources VirtForce has to offer.

“They are priceless gems,” she says.

Anicia encourages jobseekers to never give up. There is something out there for everyone, but also to never settle.

Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone, she says, and make sure you are happy with the jobs you are applying for.

Tune in to hear Kimber’s note to Anicia. 

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