95. #Hired: Milspouses Can Handle Anything

Show Notes | March 15, 2021 | Episode 95

After two years of looking for virtual work and many different jobs, Kate Nasser used VirtForce to land a virtual job that combines her love of teaching and science. 

Kate’s background is in exercise physiology and biology. As a Marine Corps spouse of 10 years, she has moved around the country several times and had jobs ranging from being an exercise physiologist who does stress tests in a hospital to being a personal trainer.

As a mom Kate used VirtForce to help her land a job that would enable her to work from home and set her own hours. 

Now, Kate is working as a subject matter expert for Freedom Learning Group, writing and editing human physiology and anatomy textbooks and test questions. 

Kate developed a love for teaching at her last duty station in North Carolina and ultimately would like to teach at the university or collegiate level, while serving as a project manager at Freedom Learning Group. 

Working in her career field again, Kate has renewed purpose and feels like her fire has been re-lit. 

For those who are still looking for remote work, Kate says never give up. She spent years looking for virtual work. She had a few jobs here and there, but she could never take them with her to the next duty station. 

She didn’t give up. She kept looking at VirtForce. She kept applying and now she has a job that will move with her. 

“Just know you are a military spouse and you can handle anything life throws your way,” Kate says!    

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