93. #Hired: Jobs That Make You More Courageous

Show Notes | March 1, 2021 | Episode 93

Jolene McNutt has been working virtually since her son was born about a decade ago, but the contracts she had were unpredictable. She needed a job with more consistent hours. 

VirtForce inspired and encouraged Jolene to give the virtual job search another try after she failed to make it to the interview process in previous attempts.

“I have not been fully immersed in a decade,” Jolene said. “It was really hard to find positions that fit my qualifications. Technology changes.”

Jolene followed VirtForce on Facebook and checked the VirtForce Job Board every week. There was one that sparked her interest, becoming an agent with Aira, a service that provides those who are blind or low vision with instant access to trained agents who deliver objective visual information.

Jolene followed all of the recommendations VirtForce shares about landing a job with Aira, including listening to the podcast episodes and completing a Google Maps tutorial, and got #hired.

“I truly love it. I look forward to my shifts. I love helping people,” Jolene says. “I am so inspired by the explorers who are visually impaired. It gives me a new humbled perspective on my ability to see. Each explorer that I’ve gotten to work with has made me more courageous in my own life.” 

For those who are still looking for remote work, Jolene says don’t quit. Keep going! She has gotten to know many military spouses through the years and found them to be incredible, special, powerful, wonderful and impactful people. 

“We might be silent ranks to keep this family machine running behind the scenes of the military, but I believe we have so much to offer as military spouses to an organization or business,” she says. 

Tune in to hear more about Jolene’s day-to-day role as an Aira agent and how this job enables her to stretch her brain and clock more consistent hours. 

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