91. #Hired: Research Before You Apply

Show Notes | November 17, 2020 | Episode 91

After listening to VirtForce’s advice about resumes, Angie Owens incorporated and highlighted her work as a military spouse on her resume, which stood out to her employer and came up throughout the interview process.

Now, Angie is a part-time business support specialist at premium subscription staffing company Boldly.   

Prior to VirtForce, Angie would not have focused as much on those volunteer

Angie found out about VirtForce through an Army spouse page on

As Angie was beginning her search for online job opportunities it was
difficult to decipher which were legitimate and which were scams.

Because of VirtForce, Angie easily narrowed down that list. 

As a military spouse who has the challenges that so many other milspouses
do, it was encouraging to know there was an organization out there that offers support and vets job opportunities. 

Angie also appreciates the ongoing relationship VirtForce has with

After consistently seeing Boldly’s activity on the VirtForce Facebook Group
she could see how the company supports military spouses. 

Angie loves the incredible team members around the world she gets to work
with on a daily basis. 

As a military spouse, Angie has worked through a lot of on-boarding processes as she has PCSed from one base to another, and Boldly’s has been the highest level she has experienced. 

While the work at Boldly is extremely fun and gratifying, it is also
challenging, but Angie has an incredible team who supports her every step of the way. 

Angie has control over her schedule and can meet the demands of her family
as a military spouse, while still having a gratifying career. 

Angie kept an eye on virtual job opportunities for more than a year. Seeing
Boldly consistently engage on the VirtForce Facebook Group was the push she needed to apply to the company. 

Angie’s advice for those who are still looking for a remote opportunity is
just don’t give up, and don’t be afraid to submit your application. 

Once Angie changed her mindset and determined it was time to apply,
everything fell into place. 

Angie recommends researching the companies you are interested in applying to. She watched every video and read every article. She followed Boldly on social media to learn every ounce of information she could. 

Through that research, she learned the hiring process for Boldly was
different from most companies in the sense that candidates are encouraged to share more of their personal lives. 

Angie would have neglected to share that information had she not taken the
time to research Boldly’s hiring processes.

Tune in to learn more about how Angie used VirtForce to get #hired. 

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