89. #Hired: Listen to Job Rejection Feedback

Show Notes | November 10, 2020 | Episode 89

Hannah Mambock overcame having zero work experience in the United States by joining VirtForce as a Brand Ambassador. 

Now she is serving in a partially-remote role as a clerk for the US Navy. 

VirtForce was instrumental in Hannah getting #hired.

Hannah heard about VirtForce through an organization at NSA Mid-South in Millington, Tennessee.

She was looking for a job and asked if they knew of any open positions. They handed her a flyer about VirtForce. 

She joined VirtForce’s Private Group on Facebook. 

First and foremost, VirtForce served as a community that helped Hannah better understand remote work and how to search for a job in America. 

Hannah was born and raised in Africa. 

When Hannah joined her husband in the United States, everything was new and strange to her. She had to overcome learning a new culture in addition to finding a job. 

Once she joined VirtForce, she felt enlightened by the deeper understanding she gained from listening to the podcasts.

As a Brand Ambassador, Hannah bridged an unemployment gap by demonstrating her experience working in America on her resume. 

Hannah enjoys her new role as a clerk in the Navy’s Personnel Support Detachment because she enjoys processing the transfer of sailors from one assignment to another.  

The role is a hybrid schedule of on-site and remote telework. In time, Hannah hopes to move to a GS position.  

While remote work may be preferred, Hannah does not want job seekers to limit themselves because working an on-site job could lead you to where you ultimately want to go. 

Hannah advises others still searching for a job to not be swayed from following their hearts and encourages them to wait for their dream job. 

It can be frustrating and discouraging when you get turned down for reasons you feel like you cannot overcome. 

Hannah kept getting the same feedback – she was not getting hired because she did not have enough experience working in the United States.

Hannah encourages others to listen to the feedback about what is preventing them from getting hired and look for possibilities that could remedy that situation. 

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