88. Behind the Scenes at Boldly 

Show Notes | November 5, 2020 | Episode 88

Boldly has its hiring process almost down to a science, and Boldly’s Recruiting Manager & Military Spouse Advocate Devin Drake is giving us the formula.

Devin took us behind the scenes of Boldly’s hiring process in a recent live discussion with VirtForce founder and CEO Kimber Hill.

We learned Boldly is looking to hire 5 new team members every month, and although, the company gets lots of applications, they do not always meet that hiring goal. 

There are a lot of VirtForce members who would make great candidates, but they need to make a few tweaks to make it all the way through Boldly’s hiring process.

Devin shared some advice and commons missteps when applying to Boldly.

When you think about getting through the front door at Boldly you need to think about your application, LinkedIn and then your resume – in that order.

In your application form, tell Boldly why you want to work remotely. Let them know you are a military spouse, a mom or a caregiver.

Boldly looks at every single military spouse who applies. They have great soft skills that they can’t teach.

Be sure to mention Boldly in your application. Tell them why you would be a good fit and how your experience and skills apply to Boldly specifically.

Before you apply, be sure to look at the qualifications. Boldly is a very transparent company. It lists all its qualifications on its website. You can see how many minimum years of experience are required and how much money you will make.

LinkedIn is a prescreening tool at Boldly, so you need to make sure it is up to date. It doesn’t have to be fancy. You don’t need tons of connections, but your work history has to be current and it needs to mirror your resume.

Pay attention to details. Make sure everything is spelled correctly.

Make sure you show your career progression on your resume including the skills you learned while in that job. Get specific! Boldly wants to know what you did day-to-day in your job.

Simplify your titles for the hiring manager who is reading your resume. Take a complex title and apply it to the corporate world.

Don’t just reapply with the same resume or work experience over and over. You must find out why you didn’t make it all the way through the hiring process and make those changes.

It takes work to tailor your resume to each position you are applying to, but it’s worth it to put forth quality over quantity. If you feel overwhelmed, limit applications to a few quality submissions a week.

For those with gaps in their resumes, take a breath of relief. Boldly does not mind if there are gaps in your resume from having children or attending college. What they don’t want to see is job hopping with multiple positions for less than a year.

Boldly recognizes military spouses move around a lot, so they caution spouses about taking the first thing that comes along until they can find something better.

Make sure you are prepared for your virtual interview. Don’t be curled up on the couch with a cup of coffee, or in your car or in a closet.

If someone makes it all the way through the hiring process and doesn’t get hired, many times it comes down to references. Do not list a family member or a friend!  

Other times, the candidate could realize they need full-time work instead of part-time.

Boldly is currently hiring 4 positions:

Clients range from construction and technology to interior designers and life coaches.

In order to stay compliant with HR laws, Boldly’s positions must be W-2. A lot of time, effort and cost goes into being able to hire in every state.

Boldly is currently hiring in 25 states, including two new states – Arizona and South Carolina.

Military spouses fall into a special category. If you or your spouse is domiciled in the state of California, but you are currently stationed in Nevada for example, you can use your state of record, or permanent address, to apply for the position.

If you’ve applied to Boldly in the past and did not get hired, you should ask why. Then, make some updates to your resume and LinkedIn.

When it comes to getting hired at Boldly, you can’t make mistakes on your Boldly application, your LinkedIn must be up to date and your resume needs to be sublime.

Boldly is on the VirtForce Job Board month after month because they are always hiring and trying to keep up with client demand.

Tune in to learn more about the open positions at Boldly, and the qualifications needed to get #hired.   

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