87. #Hired: Don’t Lose Hope

Show Notes | November 3, 2020 | Episode 87

Kayla Dupler started looking for remote work in March when stay-at-home orders went into effect to slow the spread of COVID-19. 

In June, she got serious about marketing herself and applying to more jobs.  

Four months later, Kayla has been #hired as a live virtual tax expert with Intuit for the upcoming tax season. 

While Kayla has tax prep experience, she has never been involved as a licensed attorney.

This will be Kayla’s first time preparing taxes as a licensed attorney, so she is looking forward to helping people who have more complex tax questions. 

As a seasonal position, Kayla will be working 30-plus hours per week beginning January 2021 through April 2021. 

There’s potential for Kayla’s seasonal job to run long this year. 

The recruiter who worked with Kayla indicated there’s a possibility that the upcoming tax season could be atypical and get pushed beyond the April deadline. 

Kayla is hopeful this tax season will have more work than is currently being projected.

She is hoping to excel in her role with Intuit and be invited back to participate in future tax seasons. 

Her advice for others who are still looking for remote work? Don’t lose hope. 

Kayla knows that it’s frustrating to not hear back from a recruiter or to get a rejection email or to not be able to find a job that’s the right fit. 

But the right opportunity will come along, and Kayla’s advice is to wait and not settle for something you might not enjoy as much. 

Kayla heard about VirtForce through another military spouse group on Facebook. 

Since joining, she began listening to the podcasts, looking forward to the weekly job postings and #Hired success stories. 

Seeing other people find remote work motivated Kayla and kept her on track.

Tune in to hear more about how Kayla used VirtForce to improve her job search and prepare for virtual work.

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