85. #Hired: Stop Counting Yourself Out

Show Notes | October 27, 2020 | Episode 85

Since recently finishing her MBA, Sarah Black’s job experience has not matched her credentials.

She is a military spouse, home school educator to three kids ranging in age from 8 to 14, and a tutor for students with special needs. 

She switched her education from mental health to business, has had several businesses of her own, and now has an MBA.  

Sarah would read job descriptions and be convinced she couldn’t apply because of her life circumstances. 

She counted herself out before anyone else even could. She wasn’t giving herself a chance.

As Sarah listened to the VirtForce podcast, its #Hired success stories and all the tips, she realized she needed to stop counting herself out. 

Sarah is now an independent contractor working as a part-time research specialist. 

Sarah has known the company’s founder and president for a while. She watched as the company grew, but never thought to apply because she did not have a reliably quiet environment to make phone calls. 

Sarah reached out to the company founder with a congratulations on the company’s growth and said she wished she could apply, but she didn’t have the right environment. 

Familiar with Sarah’s MBA journey, the company founder encouraged her to participate in a job interview.

Now, Sarah uses her diverse background and training to help research leads and streamline processes. 

If there’s something Sarah can offer that will increase the return on investment the company wants to know. 

Sarah is able to go outside of her lane and contribute to the team with her collected skills and knowledge. As a part-time independent contractor, Sarah is also able to select the jobs she wants to take on and work the hours that fit with her lifestyle.

While the job doesn’t fit Sarah’s educational background completely, it is giving her the work experience she needs to demonstrate her skills and move up within this company or another. 

Her team shows incredible flexibility and compassion when Sarah is facing adversity in her personal life. 

The same day she had a house fall through right before closing, one of Sarah’s children had a medical scare. 

As moms and military spouses themselves, her team made sure Sarah knew she could count on them. They could handle the projects. She just needed to take care of her family.

Sarah first discovered VirtForce through a Hiring Our Heroes webinar on military spouse employment. 

Then, Sarah kept seeing VirtForce pop up in the military spouse Facebook Groups she’s in as the group to join if you are looking for a job that’s flexible, virtual and remote. 

Sarah was part of the private VirtForce Facebook Group for a few years before she accidentally stumbled into the job she has now.

Tune in to hear Sarah’s advice for those who are still looking for remote work.

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