83. #Hired: Closing Employment Gaps

Show Notes | October 20, 2020 | Episode 83

Amanda Showers has been a stay-at-home mom for the past seven years. 

During that time, she earned her undergraduate degree and went on to earn an MBA. 

Since being OCONUS since 2016, she put in countless hours looking for employment and always ended up feeling completely defeated. 

Her husband’s job involves a lot of travel and the stress of figuring out how to work outside of the home was completely overwhelming. 

So like many military spouses and moms, she put that idea on the back burner. 

Discovering VirtForce and the possibility of finding real, remote work reignited Amanda’s fire to start looking for jobs. 

Stationed in Hawaii, it has been challenging for Amanda to find work. After sending resume after resume, she was disappointed when her MBA did not stand out because of her lack of work experience. 

This June, VirtForce helped Amanda close that seven-year employment gap as a customer service expert with SimplrFlex. 

She has the flexibility to work part-time or full-time from the comfort of her home office. 

She is still 100% available to her kids at home, while still working, bringing in income and building her professional self again.

The day before VirtForce shared the position with SimplrFlex, Amanda had received two rejection letters for jobs she was really excited about. 

She had been searching for more than a year and had a bit of a breakdown. 

The very next day, she saw the job posting, applied and was extended a job offer that same day. 

While she felt silly for coming undone the day before, it made her recognize the importance of being patient and staying persistent. 

Right when you feel like it’s the end, the job just might come and your patience will pay off.

Tune in to hear what Amanda likes best about all-digital, remote work. 

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