79. #Hired: Focus on the Now

Show Notes | October 6, 2020 | Episode 79

Amanda Mitchell has been at home since her children were born, so when she returned to full-time work last year it was very hard on them.

She ended up resigning due to the lack of childcare available to her at her family’s current duty station in Germany.

In 2019, Amanda received a military spouse scholarship from FINRA to become a certified financial counselor. Finishing her certification helped Amanda realize her end goal was to go back to work.

Amanda has been looking for remote work since arriving in Germany two years ago.

Amanda discovered VirtForce through a friend on Facebook. When she realized VirtForce was exclusively focused on remote work, she was really excited and dove into its podcasts, blogs and resume tips. 

Amanda identified jobs that were relevant to her by keeping a close eye on VirtForce emails about new job postings. 

Seeing the frequency of remote job postings helped Amanda realize she could actually have an online job. She had looked for so long, a completely remote, digital job seemed out of reach. VirtForce helped Amanda see that working from home could be her reality. 

Working to finish her master’s degree in accounting, when a part-time bookkeeping job at BMC Accounting was posted, Amanda jumped at the opportunity to use her degree.

She loves how her new job fits into her crazy schedule, and allows her to work from home so she can be there for her kids.

The owner of BMC Accounting is a veteran himself who serves many veteran-owned business, so he understands the lifestyle and the struggles that come with military life. 

When Amanda graduates this month, she plans on becoming an Enrolled Agent to help with tax returns. Her ultimate goal is to be a CPA when her family returns to the United States. 

Here’s Amanda’s advice to those who are still looking for remote work: Just because what you are looking for isn’t available right now, doesn’t mean it will not be available in a few months.

So focus on what you can do now. 

Don’t stop learning and improving yourself because all of those months waiting are an opportunity to make yourself even more marketable. 

Read the VirtForce blogs, polish your resume and eventually, someone will see how hard you’ve been working and how much potential you have. 

Tune in to hear how Amanda stayed busy with professional development while waiting on the right job to come along. 

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