73. #Hired: Stand Out with Video

Show Notes | September 15, 2020 | Episode 73

As an Air Force spouse moving across the country with her husband, Emily Snyder had to shift her career goals and expectations.

After taking some job opportunities that weren’t the right fit, she took some time to self reflect. She narrowed down what she needed in a job and set out to find remote work. 

That’s when Emily discovered VirtForce, and landed a job with Sitka, a health care technology company that has been 100% virtual since day one, enabling Emily to work from anywhere.

Emily looked for virtual work for nearly a year before finding the right employer, so she advises listeners to stay true to themselves, set expectations and get creative.

Emily did her research to understand the company she was applying to and their product. She tailored her work experience and got creative with her application. 

Applying to a company that connects patients, physicians and specialists through video calls, Emily made a video cover letter that really impressed the hiring manager and made her stand out from the other 200 applicants.

Really do your due diligence, she says. Don’t just slap your resume in an email and send it off. Get creative, so your resume will shine through. 

Since Sitka is growing so quickly, Emily has taken on projects outside of her role on the clinical operations team. She’s excited about the opportunity to wear multiple hats and help the company grow. 

VirtForce helped Emily in so many other ways than just its job board. She regularly listens to the podcast because its resources are multidimensional and not focused on a particular job or title. 

When she was #hired at Sitka, Emily went back and listened to the episode on how to set up a work-from-home office to make sure she had everything she needed for her new remote role.   

Tune in to hear more about what Emily thinks of startup culture and how she stays connected to her coworkers without ever leaving the house.

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