67. #Hired: Don’t Wait to Apply

Show Notes | August 25, 2020 | Episode 067

Considered a nonessential employee, Elizabeth Raines was laid off from her tutoring job at a local elementary school during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

After joining VirtForce, she quickly turned her situation around and got a remote job with e-commerce giant Amazon.  

Elizabeth discovered VirtForce a year ago when she met founder Kimber Hill through the Spouses of Student Aviators group while their husbands were going through the same training in Florida. 

Since she came across VirtForce, Elizabeth had been looking for jobs casually, unsure if she wanted to work from home. Elizabeth enjoys working with others and wasn’t sure if remote work would be her ideal job.   

Given the current situation with COVID, she was forced into it. So far, she likes it a lot. With a team group chat, she still gets the social interaction she needs from her coworkers without being face to face. 

Elizabeth’s biggest piece of advice? Be proactive! Don’t wait to apply. Once Elizabeth stopped waiting a few days to apply, she got a call back. 

Literally the same day Elizabeth received the news that she would not be returning to her tutoring job, VirtForce posted an opportunity with Amazon.

Elizabeth jumped on it, applying within a few hours. 

Tune in to hear more about how Elizabeth bounced back after being laid off and kicked her job search into high gear!  

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