65. #Hired: Know What Your Skills are Worth

Show Notes | August 18, 2020 | Episode 065

Jeannine Ricker heard about VirtForce by accident.

She was perusing through a couple of other military affiliated and spouse employment opportunity websites when she just happened to stumble upon the VirtForce podcast. 

Through the podcast Jeannine was able to improve her LinkedIn profile and virtual interview skills to get #hired.

After a PCS, Jeannine explored virtual employment for about four to six months before she solidified the direction she wanted for her remote career.

With a master’s degree, Jeannine was overqualified for many part-time remote positions, but found an opportunity where she can prove her worth. 

She is now a remote administrative assistant for a small medical practice focused in infectious disease. She works about three hours a day, or 15 hours a week, in her part-time role.

Jeannine landed the job after learning remote interview tactics through VirtForce’s free course How to Ace Your Virtual Interview. It gave her a window into what the hiring manager would see during her virtual job interview.

Jeannine’s advice for listeners? Perfect your elevator pitch and know what your skills are worth. 

Even if a salary is posted and you are overqualified, Jeannine advises to at least give the opportunity a shot to show what you are really worth.  

Knowing what you have and what you can do to help build your career is going to make employers more willing to pay you what you should be getting paid, she says. 

As a military spouse, Jeannine finds remote work – or as she puts it, the opportunity to do what she can whenever she can – very helpful.  

Tune in to hear more about why you should do your research on skills and salary.  

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