63. #Hired: New Remote Career + New Friend

Show Notes | August 11, 2020 | Episode 063

After joining VirtForce, Alicia Emmel found two surprises – a killer new remote career AND a new friend.

She researched different companies by combing through the VirtForce Facebook Group’s posts and comments, and found an opportunity to become a revenue cycle analyst at Ensemble Health Partners.

Alicia also met amazing Army wife Kristy Stearnes (not pictured) through the group who sent her job postings and positive vibes through her entire job search process.

As a piece of advice, Alicia (pictured above with her wife Tiff) would encourage you to do your research and put in the time. A job is NOT going to fall in your lap!

She admits, while it is easy to get discouraged, if you put in the time and effort, you will get a call.

Every time a hiring manager asked, “Alicia, how did you hear about this job?” She said, “VirtForce!”

Nine times out of 10, HR recruiters were interested in the group. Not only did they ask Alicia more about it, but they became members to see who is out there looking for jobs.

So, keep in mind, there could be HR recruiters among us checking out the group. Hi recruiters. Welcome! ????

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