61. #Hired: Don’t Rely On Online Applications

Show Notes | August 4, 2020 | Episode 061

What’s the one piece of job search advice Laura would get tattooed across her forehead if she could? “Don’t solely rely on online applications!”

After taking a few months off after having her daughter and moving back to the US from overseas, Laura landed her dream job as a part-time, remote career coach. Laura is certain she would NOT have the job she has today if she just applied online. It was an informational interview that led to Laura getting #hired.

Laura will be the first to admit, it is intimidating to network. It’s hard to build a network, especially when you’re looking for a remote job because it all must be done virtually. But, informational interviews, which is simply talking to people who have the job you want, can help determine if you are even searching in the right career field.

You can also get special access to opportunities that might not be posted yet because you took the time and effort to build up your network. Tune in to hear more about how Laura balanced devoting time to her job search with a new baby. 

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