38. Your Work From Home Office

Show Notes | May 22, 2020 | Episode 038

This episode is sponsored by our military spouse employment partners at Instant Teams.

Remote work is amazing and rewarding (yes, we’re biased) but it can be so hard if you don’t have a great Work From Home set-up. In this episode, Kimber breaks down everything you need to have a productive and relaxing home office (even if that office is at your kitchen table). To get VirtForce’s recommendations for everything from desks to surge protectors to ring lights, tune in.

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Ring Light

LED Ring Light 8” with Tripod – $35

Your ring light is completely optional, but here are three reasons why you should invest:

  1. Your ring light makes your lovely face appear much brighter and clearer which can help interviewers remember you and can help your coworkers feel more of a connection with you.
  2. Your ring light doubles as a Seasonal Affective Disorder device, meaning if you don’t get a lot of sunlight, your Ring Light LED function can help boost your mood!
  3. Your ring light can help wake you up. If you’re feeling dull or draggy, turn on your ring light and  get an extra boost of energy!


For your video and audio meetings, you need great headphones. When purchasing, remember that bluetooth is not always reliable so purchase headphones that are bluetooth capable and will plug into your computer. 

  Low cost over the ear options include Plantronix and SkullCandy.

If you have loud neighbors or distractions at home, consider noise cancelling headphones. I personally use the Bose Noise Cancelling 700, but the older mode, Bose Quiet Comfort, is also a wonderful more cost effective option. 

If you need more motivation to choose Bose, their products come with unparalleled customer support and warranty protection. If you have to replace a product, your warranty starts all over brand new with your replacement product.

Ethernet Cable & Dongle

An ethernet cable runs from your internet router directly into your computer providing you uninterrupted cable access to consistent internet. When you’re on calls and video meetings, you should always be connected to ethernet for best quality.

An Ethernet Dongle is an adapter that will convert that big bulky ethernet head to a USB port if your computer does not have an ethernet port. You may or may not need this dongle, but if your computer is newer, it is essentially a requirement these days.

Ethernet Cable – $10
Ethernet Dongle (or Adapter) – $24

Additional Monitors

Every work from home PRO will tell you that adding a monitor is a complete GAME CHANGER for productivity. You can add 2 additional monitors to supplement your primary screen comfortably. You can even purchase an extra large gamin monitor or gaming TV screen to support the visual real estate you may need for your role.

LG 22″ or 24″ – $119-$190
32″ Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor

Outlet Organizer and Surge Protector

12 Outlet Surge Protector – $50

In a home office, or in any office, cord management can be the thorn in your side. The most useful desktop gadget to eliminate this problem is a surge protector that organizes your devices.

This is one I personally own and I love it because it has 12 outlets included USB outlets.

Worth every penny!

External Hard Drive

Did you know your computer will run slower as you start to use more of its memory? A great way to extend the life of your computer and enhance its speed is to invest in an external hard drive and move all your large files like photos and videos to live there. 

Seagate External Hard Drive – $69-$99

Lap Top Fan & Riser

Protect your computer hard drive by investing in a laptop fan. These smart devices automatically turn on when your computer starts to get hot keeping the gear protected from a literal melt down. A Lap Top Fan can extend the life of your computer!

A laptop riser can help correct your posture by adjusting the level at which you look at your machine. If you’re spending several hours a day in front of your computer, consider alleviating the upcoming neck and back pain by grabbing a low cost riser.

Lap Top Fan – $40
Laptop Riser – $32

Blue Light Glasses


Protect your eyes, reduce eye strain, and limit visual fatigue by wearing Blue Light Blocking Glasses when you are looking at screens (Phone, TV, Computer).

These are so helpful when, like me, you spend the majority of your day on screens. You’ll be amazing at how many fewer headaches you get!

Blue Light Glasses $20

If you already wear glasses, a great alternative to blue light glasses is a blue light filter screen protector.
If you’re interested in this solution, the option pictured on the left is the Amazon best seller.

Get Smart with an Alexa and Color Changing Smart Bulbs

In this podcast episode we discuss teaching your family or roommates to recognize when you’re working and unavailable.

One of our solutions is an Amazon Alexa device synced with smart bulbs. When you take a call, you can say “Alexa turn on work mode” and have a signature lamp in your house change color to “red” telling your family you’re busy. 

Another option is to opt into an Alexa Show and sync it with your work calendar so your family can see your work calendar without interrupting your office time. I use this system in my own home! 

Echo Show $230



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