27. Resume Bootcamp Teaser: Is Volunteer Work Hurting You?

Show Notes | April 16, 2020 | Episode 029 

Volunteer work may be hurting you and may be leading you to self-sabotage your job prospects. In this Resume Bootcamp Teaser episode, we offer some ideas for how to take advantage of #stayinghome to volunteer and bolster your resume. Right now, it feels like a lot of things are out of our control, but something we can control is how shape our volunteer experiences to help us in our job search rather than hurt us. Learn how by listening now.  

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In these chaotic and uncertain times, when unemployment is skyrocketing and quarantine has become the norm, it is daunting to think about our resumes, our work experience, and what our future in the workforce might look like.  

Here at VirtForce, our hearts go out to everyone experience economic hardship. One of our core values is servant leadership – our team is always working to give back to our community. Because of that, we want to share this teaser for an upcoming resource called Resume Bootcamp

In this episode, we talk about how you can frame volunteer experience to your advantage, both on your resume and in interviews.  

So why are we talking about this now?  

If you are able, you can take this time to support your community and volunteer. We found over 120,000 virtual volunteer opportunities using VolunteerMatch.org. Why not use your skills and time to not only bolster your resume and LinkedIn, but also contribute to the greater good while we all find our way through this #pandemic. 

As you look to bolster your work experience with volunteering, make sure you are considering how you may be using your volunteer work to self-sabotage your job prospects. Yes, your volunteer work can actually hurt you on your resume, LinkedIn, and in interviews. 

This is the bottom line: volunteer work may not be exchanging your time for pay but it is exchanging your time for experience. Because of this, volunteer positions should be listed with formal titles (not just “Volunteer”) and should be treated like any other job on your resume and LinkedIn. 

Kimber walks you through exactly how you should be listing your volunteer work, how to ride the confidence wave, and how to check yourself to make sure you are using architect language. We also talk about how the word “JUST” is your enemy and you should stop using it. 

Think about it: Are you self-sabotaging? Are you using conflict language? Tune into this episode to learn how to turn your volunteer experience into the special thing that lands you your next role.  
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