23. Nonprofit Megaphone Partnership Reveal

Show Notes | March 19, 2020 | Episode 025

If someone asked you if you wanted to make a difference in the world, would you say yes? If so, tune in. This episode delves into amazing opportunities with Nonprofit Megaphone, a company helping nonprofits acquire and manage the Google Ads Grant. Kimber sits down with fellow milspouse and NPM employee, Heidi, to talk about the 7 positions they are currently hiring for and what it is about NPM that makes it such an amazing place for milspouses looking to go remote and make a difference.

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Go Remote by Landing Virtual Opportunities


This episode takes a deep dive into amazing opportunities with Nonprofit Megaphone, a company helping nonprofits acquire and manage the Google Ads Grant. Our guest, Heidi, is an amazing advocate for the military spouse community and is a fantastic example of going after what you want. We are so lucky to sit down with her in this episode.

So what does NPM do? They help nonprofits acquire and manage the Google Ads Grant, which is $10,000/month in Google Search Ads. They make sure the organizations are staying compliant with all necessary policies laid out in their grant. This fantastic company is supporting organizations such as animal shelters and adoption agencies.

As NPM is a small organization, employees get the opportunity to be cross-trained and wear several different hats. They are currently hiring for three different positions: Client Happiness Manager, Google Ads Manager, and Website Analytics Specialist. You can apply on the VirtForce Job Board for any of these positions.

Responsibilities within these positions include being the face of NPM that the clients get to know and interact with, working directly with the Google Ads account, and providing an easy to understand explanation of the client’s Return on Investment.

Experience is not required for these positions and NPM offers a very robust training program. However, a Bachelor’s degree is required.

Other exciting things about NPM include:

  • You have the opportunity to move from a 1099 to a W2 employee after a set period of time. This allows both you and the company the time to really understand if this is the right fit for you.
  • NPM goes on a yearly annual retreat. Yes, in person! Even though they are a fully remote team, they meet up once a year for professional development and team bonding.

To learn more about the SEVEN open positions with Nonprofit Megaphone, make sure you have signed up for our Job Board.

Client Happiness Manager (multiple positions open!)  

Google Grant Ad Manager 

Website Analytics Specialist 

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