21. How to Land Virtual Work

Show Notes | February 27, 2020 | Episode 021

We know there is a love-hate relationship with working remotely. Most of us love the idea of working from home, yet we fear if it will be the right fit for us. What if we told you we have come up with the 5 easy steps to landing a virtual job? Although it may seem like an easy world to get into, that’s not always the case. In this competitive remote workspace, you have to narrow down your job search to focus on positions that truly speak to you. In this episode, we discuss securing a virtual job in just 5 easy steps. We’ll share tips on how to brand yourself as a professional by targeting your resume, fixing up your LinkedIn, and narrowing your focus to positions that speak to you. 

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The struggle is real when it comes to finding the perfect work-life balance. We know that finding a remote job is the ideal opportunity for our military spouses so they can optimize their time at home. However, we also understand the application and interview process can be tricky to navigate. Many members of our VirtForce community want to know, “how do you successfully land a virtual job?” Well, we got you covered! 

In this episode, our host Kimber gives FREE career coaching that will help you get #hired as we dive into how to find virtual opportunities and what you can do to secure the virtual position that’s right for you! We discuss “5 Steps to a Virtual Job” and what it means to network and brand yourself as a professional looking for a job rather than an applicant who is looking to take any position out of desperation. 

Real talk: At some point, we have all been there. We have all been stuck exactly where you are right now but you got this.  We’re here to give you some tough love to help you, “get your rear in gear.” It’s important to understand the different types of remote opportunities available so that you can apply accordingly. Remote opportunities are competitive and we know you have what it takes to land a position that is just right for you. 

Think about how you can narrow down your focus to help you decide what you want to do based on what you’re good at and your core values. This will better align you with positions that interest you while allowing you to be intentional about the application process. Consider how branding yourself as a professional doing your favorite hobby will help you when applying for a remote position. It shows the employer that you have taken the time out to target your resume for the position and show where your skills align with their needs. Additionally, conduct an informational interview for your prospective company and network with individuals in your industry to help you become a competitive candidate. 

We are here to help you get #hired. Tune in now and listen to the full episode to learn more about landing your virtual opportunity.