August 2021

117. #Hired: Be Ready When Opportunity Strikes

Show Notes | August 30, 2021 | Episode 117 This episode is sponsored by our military spouse employment partner Stay at Home Profit.   Milspouse Victoria Strand applied for her dream job. After a month of not hearing back, she took a job with Instant Teams. On her first day of work, she got an email from the other company. …

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116. LinkedIn Networking & Connections

Show Notes | August 23, 2021 | Episode 116 In the last 10 episodes we have programmed your LinkedIn profile to be a successful job lead funnel and to passively help you climb that career ladder. If you really want to rev-up your LinkedIn job search, you can take initiative and start networking on your own. You never …

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115. LinkedIn Posts & Content

Show Notes | August 16, 2021 | Episode 115 Are you actively searching for a job or actively career climbing?  If so, you should be sharing and engaging with content about the industry you are interested in several times a week. You want to bring relative, career-related information to LinkedIn because your future boss and colleagues will likely see …

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114. LinkedIn Recommendations

Show Notes | August 9, 2021 | Episode 114 On LinkedIn there is a technique to acquiring an impressive list of recommendations. There is also a technique to building high quantities of endorsements on a limited number of skill sets.  All we’re asking is for a little reciprocity.  Reciprocity simply means giving and receiving. And on LinkedIn, …

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113. LinkedIn Experience & Endorsements

Show Notes | August 2, 2021 | Episode 113 People are going to look you up on LinkedIn. End of discussion.  When they get to your profile, what you choose to include or omit will either strengthen your position as an expert in your field or confuse the visitor.  You must be careful about what you include …

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