June 2021

108. LinkedIn Core Values

Show Notes | June 30, 2021 | Episode 108 It’s time to get real, show up and let your authenticity shine! Before you can go after the remote career of your dreams, you’ve got to figure out what you really want – not only for your career, but out of life.  Get ready to dig deep, we’re doing some …

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Rocket Remote is now FREE

VirtForce is making its online school Rocket Remote free to the military community. “I’m really excited about this transition because at VirtForce our goal is to get military spouses, transitioning service members and veterans #hired,” said VirtForce founder Kimber Hill. “By removing this barrier of having to pay for this course, it’s going to help …

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107. LinkedIn Social Search Engine

Show Notes | June 22, 2021 | Episode 107 Many people make the mistake of keeping their LinkedIn profile very broad. Having too broad of a LinkedIn profile screams of desperation. It says, “I am in need of a job so badly I would take anything!”  We want to flip the script and have an employer say, …

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106. LinkedIn Mission

Show Notes | June 15, 2021 | Episode 106 If your impression of LinkedIn is that it’s a social media platform for working professionals, you’re not totally wrong, but you’re not 100% right. LinkedIn is actually a social search engine. In this course series, I’m teaching you everything you need to know about LinkedIn and how to do …

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105. Experience Requirements are #CANCELED at QuickBooks

Show Notes | June 1, 2021 | Episode 105 Have you ever been caught in the experience paradox? It’s when you can’t get the required experience from not having enough years of experience in the first place. Frustrating! That’s where milspouse Ellen Harrison found herself after staying home for 7 years to raise her small children. Same for …

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