162. SLAY the Hiring Process at Boldly

Show Notes | July 11, 2023 | Episode 162

Unlock the secrets to successfully applying at the ultimate military-spouse friendly company that’s turning heads in the remote job market. Boldly’s Recruiting Manager and Military Spouse Advocate spills 5 insider tips on how to rock your application and catch the attention of the big shots over at Boldly.

00:00 🚀 Intro
00:57 🚦 How to Get Through the Front Door at Boldly
01:34 👓 Pay Attention to Detail
02:27 🔍 Get Specific
03:09 🐸 Don’t Be a Job Hopper
03:47 💃 Kimber Breaks It Down
04:33 🥷 Take Time to Tailor
04:53 🔑 Tell Boldly Why You Want to Work There
05:15 💻 Tell Boldly Why You Need Remote Work

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Boldly LinkedIn

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Resume Boot Camp
How to Ace Your Virtual Interview

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