140. How the Enneagram Works

Show Notes | April 18, 2022 | Episode 140

How can the Enneagram impact your remote job search? Knowing and understanding how the Enneagram works – aka the way you view the world – can help you in a job interview and the application process.  

In the second part of this series about the Enneagram, VirtForce founder Kimber Hill is getting vulnerable. She’s giving you a behind-the-scenes look at a one-on-one session she had with life coach and Enneagram Expert Kristen Earp that helped her truly show up at both work and at home.    

Tune in to learn how this self-awareness journey can help you get closer to your ideal remote job and find better work life balance.  

00:00 🚀 Intro
01:06 ☕️ Meet Active-Duty Military Spouse and Enneagram Expert Kristen Earp 
02:16 🧠 What are the Enneagram Types?   
05:36 🔎 Use the Enneagram in Your Job Search  
15:21 💼 Use the Enneagram to Define Your Career Path 
18:56 🚩 Remote Career Red Flags 
20:15 📣 How Do You Use the Enneagram as a Life Coach? 
34:59 💪 Enneagram Growth and Stress Lines 
38:58 📺 Kimber’s Live Coaching Session with Kristen 
51:07 💯 Take the Enneagram Assessment and Work with Kristen

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In this episode, we mentioned the following resources:

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