138. What is the Enneagram?

Show Notes | March 28, 2022| Episode 138

From entire Instagram accounts dedicated to your type to assessments from employers, the Enneagram is HOT right now. 

What is the Enneagram you ask? I’m here with life coach and Enneagram expert Kristen Earp who is going to break down each personality type and how your type can help reveal what kind of work is right for you. 

Tune in to unlock the secrets to each Enneagram type and understand yourself a little bit better. 

00:00 🚀 Intro
04:59 What is the Enneagram? 
18:33 Type 8 – Tough Protector / Challenger 
23:35 Type 9 – Adaptive Diplomat / Peacekeeper 
27:02 Type 1 – Meticulous Judge / Perfectionist 
31:34 Type 2 – Supportive Cheerleader / Helper
35:39 Type 3 – Ambitious Taskmaster / Achiever 
43:01 Type 4 – Sensitive Maverick / Individualist 
47:47 Type 5 – Expert Observer / Investigator 
52:16 Type 6 – Vigilant Questioner / Loyalist 
01:01:10 Type 7 – Positive Dreamer / Enthusiast 
1:07:02 Take the Enneagram Assessment

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