137. #Hired: Why Tailor Your Resume for Your Job Goal

Show Notes | March 21, 2022 | Episode 137

Milspouse Cailey Shivers first approached the remote job search as a numbers game, using an old resume to apply for as many remote jobs as she could, hoping one would stick. 

When her ideal remote job came open, Cailey changed her strategy.

Coming straight from a government civilian job, she was using her federal resume to apply, which didn’t make sense for an executive assistant role at Education First, a completely remote policy organization focused on improving public education.

So, Cailey did a deep dive into the VirtForce Podcast and revamped her resume over a single weekend using VirtForce’s free Resume Boot Camp course. 

Despite being on maternity leave, VirtForce Founder Kimber Hill responded with the most valuable in-depth critique with lots of constructive and actionable advice. Kimber told Cailey she thought she would be a great fit for this role. That extra boost and encouragement was what Cailey needed.

Tune in to hear about Education First’s great internal company culture and how you too can get your resume critiqued just like Cailey.  

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