136. How Do I Find a Remote Job – 5 Steps 

Show Notes | March 15, 2022 | Episode 136

Here’s a question VirtForce gets asked a lot – how exactly do I find a remote job? In this episode, we are giving you Kimber’s 5 simple steps to landing the remote job of your dreams – your remote unicorn! 🦄

1. Get your head in the game 
2. Know and demonstrate your value
3. Define the remote work type you’re looking for 
4. Prepare your digital package
5. Start applying

Tune in to this week’s video to catch the step-by-step guide with simple strategies that will help you narrow in on the kind of remote work that is right for you, and tangible steps for finding employers who are looking for remote talent.

Kimber’s sharing her closest secrets and advice with you. Tune in for a roadmap that will lead you to your remote unicorn.   

  • 00:00 🚀 Intro
  • 00:43 🏁 Where to start in the remote job market
  • 01:02 🧠 #1: Get your head right 
  • 04:06 💰 #2: Know and demonstrate your value
  • 08:05 🔎 #3: Define the remote work you are looking for
  • 16:49 💻 #4: Prepare your digital package 
  • 22:31 💼 #5: Go apply 

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