134. Find Your Uniqueifier with CNN News Anchor Alum Lynn Smith

Show Notes | February 28, 2022 | Episode 134

You’re in a job interview and the hiring manager asks you a question you are completely unprepared for. What do you do? Find your “uniqueifier,” says CNN News Anchor Alum Lynn Smith.

From her days interviewing the biggest celebrities from Dolly Parton to Motley Crue, Lynn knows what makes a great interview and she’s sharing her tricks of the trade with VirtForce. 

Lynn spent that past 15 years anchoring broadcasts on NBC News, MSNBC and CNN Headline News, including CNN’s popular news and lifestyle program Weekend Express.

She recently went live with VirtForce to show how you can find your “uniqueifier” – that 10% edge that separates you from everyone else – and how to create a bucket of sound bites for your next job interview.

Tune in for the recap of this amazing live coaching from an industry expert. 

00:00 🚀 Intro
02:07 🗞️ CNN News Anchor Alum Lynn Smith
08:30 📺 What Lynn learned from the news industry
13:20 🚫 Handling competition and rejection
22:53 💯 How to find your 10% edge
25:19 📣 How to talk in sound bites
30:02 💪 Lynn’s weakness
34:25 💼 Lynn’s career pivot
38:17 🚗 Control vs. command
42:05 👶 Lynn’s advice for working parents
44:33 🏆 MTP: Most Trusted Person
47:10 ☕️ Connect with Lynn

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