130. How to Show Up on Camera with CNN News Anchor Alum Lynn Smith   

Show Notes | January 31, 2022 | Episode 130

Video conferencing on platforms like Zoom is not going anywhere!

If you want to excel in the virtual job market, you’ve got to get comfortable on these platforms, and that means showing up on camera. 

Today’s guest can show you a thing or two about showing up on camera. 

Tune in now for advice from CNN News anchor alum Lynn Smith!  

00:00 🚀 Intro
01:38 📹 How to Show Up on Zoom 
3:00 🔍 Must Be Visually Appealing  
4:02 📚 Background 
4:52 💡 Lighting 
7:20 👀 Where Should I Look? 
9:25 📺 TV News Academy 

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